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Scituate Beaches

Just minutes away from our Harbor hotel, you can explore or relax on any of our five beautiful East Coast New England beaches. Complimentary beach passes are available for our guests at the front desk.

The Inn at Scituate Harbour, Peggotty Beach

Peggotty Beach

Peggotty beach is very popular Families, college kids, teens, young couples, all come here to have some fun in the sun.  The water is protected which makes it a safe place to swim or wade.  The sand is coarse but the water is on the warmer side.  This beach is full of energy.

The Inn at Scituate Harbour, Egypt Beach

Egypt Beach

This Massachusetts beach is an exposed beach break that has consistent surf and can work at any time of the year. Ideal winds are from the west.

The Inn at Scituate Harbour, Minot Beach

Minot Beach

Located in Scituate near the Cohasset border.  This Cape Cod small sandy beach features scenic views of its namesake lighthouse.

The Inn at Scituate Harbour, Humarock  Beach

Humarock Beach

Located on the border of Scituate and Marshfield, Humarock beach has small rocks above the high tide line and sand below it during some of the months. During the summer months the sandy area expands to cover most of the beach. At low tide there are wonderful sand bars for kids to explore.

The Inn at Scituate Harbour, Sand Hills Beach

Sand Hills Beach

This is a small beach that is community oriented.  Most people who go to this beach live close by in one of the detailed saltboxes or nearby cottages.  There is not a lot of room as the tide creeps up but the beach is always tranquil and picturesque.