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Visit Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary and Search for Whales

Located at the mouth of Massachusetts Bay, Stellwagen National Marine Sanctuary is a protected area famous for whale-watching as well as the vast diversity of marine life it supports. It’s a wonderful place to view sea-life, learn about the coastal ecosystem, and generally appreciate the beauty of the coast off Scituate and Massachusetts.

Things to Do in Scituate Harbor: Birding, Fishing, and More

A geologic and natural treasure, the Bank is a thriving eco-system, and the corresponding Sanctuary is one of the great things to do in Scituate Harbor.

Events & Exhibits

Education & Philanthropy

The Sanctuary works to protect its marine life and resources, advocate for education and awareness, and maintain historical artifacts that help tell the story of the waters.

The Sanctuary offers a variety of workshops for teachers, students, adults, and naturalists. These offer knowledges about the best way to whale-watch, information about marine research, studies of specific species (like Basking Sharks), and how to ID fish.

Make sure to visit the wonderful Stellwagen National Marine Sanctuary when staying with us here at the Inn at Scituate Harbor.